"Red Eagle remodeled our kitchen/family room and dining room in 2005, and we were very pleased with the results. The workmanship of his sub-contractors was excellent" 
Laura & Henry Hood
Senior Vice President, Land & Legal

General Counsel, Land & Legal

Chesapeake Energy

"We have enjoyed working with David on many projects from small to large at our house. He is adept at a collaborative approach with the client, and also with keeping the project consistent in respect to the homes original Architecture. He's very creative and brings the highest quality subs to the job. When problems occur he is available almost 24X7 to assist."
Aimee and David Harlow
President of BancFirst, Oklahoma City

"Red Eagle Construction has done many jobs for us over a period of several years. David Reynolds and his staff are very capable and excellent in doing their jobs.

Approximately five years ago, Red Eagle completed an add-on and enlargement of our home. We added three bathrooms, a master bedroom suite and a utility room. We also enlarged the living room.

They have also done all of the changes for the new tenants in our office building. After the May 16, 2010 hail storm Red Eagle was at my office by 8:00 am, ready to assist us with immediate storm damage repairs.They also worked very closely with the insurance company. This was a very large undertaking.

When the day's work was completed the entire construction area was swept, cleaned and trash removed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Red Eagle Construction for any residential or commercial project."
Gerald N. Furseth
G.N. Furseth Oil & Gas
Cimarron Building
(All Major Restoration Red Eagle Work was Approved by Hartford Insurance and Chesapeake Energy inspectors and building was purchased by Chesapeake Energy.)

"Red Eagle Construction did fantastic work for us in both large and small scale jobs.  We appreciated the care in detail, the quality of craftsmanship, their dependability, and the ability to be innovative in design.  We will definitely use them again when the need arises."
Dr. Joseph Ferretti
Senior Vice President and Provost
University of Oklahoma Health and Sciences Center

"Red Eagle Construction Company has done a considerable amount of work for me at my residence.  This work included an extensive remodel and addition, several extensive and difficult house repairs, and water drainage problems on our property. The advice, recommendations and workmanship on all of these projects has been outstanding."
Virginia & James C. Meade
Meade Energy Corporation

"David and his crews did a great job with our home.  The house was a project and a half.  40 years of neglect offered more than ample "opportunities" for some creative solutions.  More than 12 years later the results are still evident. Quality shows in the long term..."
Anita & Carl S. Milam
Coach House, Sushi Neko, Musashi, The Lobby, Will Rogers Theater - The Tasting Room, Western Concepts Resturaunt Group, Will's Coffee

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Reynolds and his employees of Red Eagle Construction over the past ten years. He was initially contracted to do renovation on a historic home in Heritage Hills at 1415 N. Hudson. They did a remarkable complete overhaul of the kitchen. This required reinforcing the basement under the kitchen. This was done in a meticulous fashion keeping on schedule and having excellent results. Mr. Reynolds and his staff are always readily available and they likewise charge a reasonable rate.

I have most recently utilized Red Eagle's services in my current home. They have done a significant remodel with outstanding results. They have performed several projects all of which have been done efficiently and effectively.

It is without reservation that I strongly encourage contracting with Red Eagle Construction under the supervision and ownership of David Reynolds. I am happy to answer any questions of any interested parties."
Dr. David A. Kallenberger, MD., FACOG
Chairman, Department of OB/GYN, Integris Baptist Medical Center
Clinical Professor, Department of OB/GYN, Oklahoma Health and Sciences Center
Program Director, Bennett Fertility Institute

"Over the years, Red Eagle Construction, has completed projects for myself, my husband, Mr. Jimmy Dobbs III and my father, Mr. Tom Dulaney.  David excels in his ability to assess your needs and ideas and transform them into a finished project.  Red Eagle was able to maintain efficiency of the construction process. Their attention to the specifics of our projects as well as proper scheduling has been very remarkable, resulting in a job very well done. We would be happy to recommend David at any time!"
Mrs. Lisa Dulaney-Dobbs
Nichols Hills

"David worked on two homes I owned.  One was quite a large estate.  The second was a luxury condo.  His work was excellent on both projects.  He had great, creative ideas and solutions for both properties, even though they were entirely different in scope and feel.  David is timely, his workers are excellent and trustworthy, his numbers and estimates are accurate, and his work was of the finest quality.  David knows how to bring in a higher end project.  "On time and on budget with the right solutions" is a great recommendation for a contractor.  I have used David many times and I would not hesitate to use him again.  David has even acted as a consultant on a third project and his work was indispensable to me.  I highly recommend David Reynolds!!!"
Holly Cox Healey
Nichols Hills 

"I can easily say that David Reynolds is the home building contractor "extraordinaire".  Each day he and his outstanding crew did their utmost to keep me happy.  Workmanship is the best and David and his crew did their best to solve problems as expediently as possible.  I recommend David wholeheartedly!"
Joanna M. Champlin

In all my many years of building and remodeling homes, I have never worked with anyone as professional, kind, honest and considerate as David Reynolds, the owner of Red Eagle Construction!

He not only gave me expert advice in purchasing a new home in Carmel, but he was honest enough to tell me I was about to make a big mistake.

Any time I called on David, he responded with a warm smile and great ideas.

If  I ever wanted to build or remodel, David is the only person I would ever consider.

Thanks to David and his company, my homes have been of the finest quality and workmanship. He is a true professional, is honest and has a huge heart.
Barbara Workman (Vose)

"We hired Red Eagle Construction to do a total renovation on our upstairs.  They efficiently handled the entire process from drawing the plans to the managing the construction.  David has a very creative eye and was able to visualize concepts that we would have never thought of.  They were on schedule, on budget and very trustworthy and reliable.  Our project was completed almost 10 years ago and we've had absolutely no problems with the work and it still looks as good as it did when the job was just finished! Our project with Red Eagle has proven to be a sound investment in the value of our home.  We are very happy with David and his company!"
Rob and Tracey Saunders
Nichols Hills, WSI

"Working with David Reynolds on design projects was a pleasure.  He was organized, efficient, budget conscious, flexible, solution oriented and accessible.  He has an excellent stable of craftsman and sub-contractors and finished on time and in budget."
Ann Henry
Interior Designer 

"After living in our home for over 30 years and living with a basement clubroom that leaked after a heavy rain, we decided to have it fixed. We had received estimates from other contractors who either wanted to remove all of the paneling or excavate around the entire foundation. David Reynolds took a more analytical approach. He identified 7-8 sources of our leak, and then fixed them with having to remove only a couple of panels and dig one small ditch. Since that time we have been "bone dry." This was done at a negligible expense compared to other estimates. He then proceeded to remodel it, and created a beautiful basement clubroom.
We will have Red Eagle Construction do all of our future re-models."
Dr. Mark and Lela Sullivan

"To whom it may concern,

Dealing with insurance companies is never fun and if your like me you have little experience doing it so you tend to feel like you are being taken advantage of by the adjuster in some cases. We had Red Eagle step in to deal with all the insurance issues for some damage to our home. From the point Red Eagle took over they immediately fixed the problem with the home so no more damage could be done and at the same time began dealing with the insurance adjuster to make sure we were being dealt a fair hand. I highly suggest using Red Eagle not only because of their expertise in home repair, remodel and construction but also in dealing with your insurance adjusters. I do advertising for a living and I often tell my clients that have been taken advantage of by others in our industry that they should not feel bad because advertising is not their field of expertise. The same can be said for construction and dealing with insurance companies. Red Eagle does this everyday so you can trust them to look out for your best interest because you can bet the insurance company will be looking out for their own best interest. I am grateful to David Reynolds the owner for giving us his time, always returning my phone calls (even on the weekends and after 5pm) and making me feel like my project was top of mind for him even though they were working on several projects. That is the downfall of so many of these construction and remodel companies, when they first show up they will promise you the moon and then once they have your home destroyed and in shambles they leave and begin another project. Red Eagle is there from the beginning and they work hard at making you feel like your important to them. There was not a lot of money involved in our loss but the way we were treated by Red Eagle would have made you think it was a massive project and I appreciate that kind of respect. I have neighbors that wish they would have called Red Eagle but instead they tried to save a few bucks and ended up calling companies they thought would be cheaper and by the time all was said and done they spent twice as much as budgeted and it took twice as long to get finished. Save yourself the time, trouble and headaches and just call Red Eagle!"

Don Miner
The Abernathy Agency / Billboard Outdoor Advertising