About Red Eagle Construction

Red Eagle Construction, founded in 1994, is a well established high end residential and commercial general contractor and construction management firm with special design and construction capabilities. We have developed seasoned relationships over the many years working with the top architects, custom and luxury home designers, interior designers, and the most gifted tradesmen and subcontractors in the region.

Working extensively in the Historic Preservation districts and Bricktown and having to dissect and analyze almost every conceivable poor construction process over the past one hundred years, has given Red Eagle the very unique hands on knowledge of how construction has evolved over the past century. It has also given Red Eagle the foundation and wisdom to ensure that every aspect of the construction process has to be completed correctly and soundly, starting from below ground to the top of the roof.

Red Eagle Construction has also been retained on a consultant basis by insurance companies and law firms to assess and complete various construction projects and assist in the appraisal of properties. We have successfully worked with most every major insurance company as the general contractor and construction management firm in the restoration of both large residential and commercial structures.

Our firm is noted for some of the most technically and aesthetically challenging new construction of high end residential homes and mid level commercial construction projects to additions and renovations of all styles and sizes. Several of our residential and commercial projects have received awards and have been featured in magazines for exceptional construction and aesthetic accomplishments.

Our distinguished clientele know us well for our integrity, our eagle eye attention to minute detail, our nonnegotiable high standard for solid construction built to code, our accessibility, and our determination to complete a project with the highest of quality, on time and on budget. Our clientele will tell you that we will do absolutely any size project with equal finesse and dedication. We can build to any level our client chooses to pursue and assist with value engineering and proven experience to save costs.

As a knowledgeable general contractor and construction management design firm, that has had a successful business for over two decades, we know construction begins long before the concrete is ever poured; we work hand in hand with the architects, engineers, and designers to have every detail thought out before any construction begins, ensuring that the desires of the client are always met and that they are elated with their “work of art” at the end of the day.

In every project we undertake, we strive to meet our client’s expectations and our own top notch standards. 

If you have a challenging project in the future that requires a general contractor and construction management firm that can surpass any expectation you can imagine, give us a call.

David Reynolds